Join us for Civic Revival’s first study visit to the sunny south coast and come together with fellow localists and community democrats to share the success of Bexhill's newly established independent town council. This is the first of a programme of local gatherings at which we'll explore interesting places that are showing the way on citizen-led community empowerment and democratic civic leadership.

Our first gathering will be on Friday 9th July in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, a seaside town known for its iconic 1930s modernist seafront De La Warr Pavilion (which we'll be visiting!).

Last month the first elections to the newly established Bexhill Town Council were held, after years of local campaigning for the establishment of such a body. All but one of those elected stood on an independent ticket, and this group of people is now learning how to work together to run a council, engage the community, and put their ideas for civic improvements into practice.

Civic Revival invites all its friends to join us to enjoy Bexhill, meet some of the new independent town councillors, hear about their plans for the town, and share expertise and ideas between kindred spirits from around the country.

The programme has been designed to allow people to attend on day-trip basis, or to stay over for one or two nights in Bexhill or the nearby delightful Sussex coastal area.


Thursday 8 July

7pm - introductory drinks & meal out in Bexhill for those arriving the night before

Friday 9 July

11am – Formal start of the event at De La Warr Pavilion, then walking tour and introduction to Bexhill with insights from our hosts about its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

1pm Study tour lunch

2pm Workshop session to discuss what we have seen and heard, and how the Civic Revival community can benefit from shared experiences and connections.

4pm End of formal activities. Departures or option of late afternoon/evening visit to nearby Hastings.


The entire event will be conducted in strict accordance with the Covid-19 safety guidelines applicable on 9 July.

The event is free to attend but all travel, food & accommodation is at attendees’ own expense.

We can assist with accommodation suggestions for the nights of Thursday 8th July and Friday 9th July for those interested in making this a longer stay.

UPDATE: This event is going ahead, with minor adjustments to arrangements in order to comply with ongoing Covid social distancing rules and guidance. We remain open for free registration to attend on Eventbrite here, up to a maximum number for the event of 30.