Civic Revival

Now is the time for a civic revival

We believe people across the country are looking to, willing to, and able to take greater responsibility for reviving their local communities. Many are already doing so, inspired by one or more of the five themes we identify above.

At Civic Revival we are seeking to connect these important building blocks, each one of which helps support the others. Together they add up to a framework for empowerment to create places that feel attractive, lively and thriving because they have kept and are using the qualities that make them distinctive, rather than struggling because they have lost them. Read our mission statement in full here.

Civic Revival is based in Hastings, Bolton and London. Meet us here.

Across our five themes, we are gathering reports and curating what we find to be useful thinking about the necessary and the possible. Our own views are found at ‘In Our Opinion

We’d love to meet like minds. See how you can connect with us.

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